Duo lab #3 – feat. Helena Franzén

March 24, 2018 All, Duo Lab, Music, New, Video

Klas and I had invited dancer/choreographer Helena Franzén for a two-day experimental session. Our aim was, first of all, to hook up with this great artist and have the opportunity to improvise with her. And of course we were eager to see if the modular approach would prove useful when in a cross-artistic setting. So after making a non-prepared improvisation we designed a couple of modules, such as “Textures”, “Phrase-based looping” and “Poly-pulsation”, that we tried out, discussed and tweaked in much the same way we have done when working with musicians only. We all felt at ease in this kind of circular process of reasoning-and-trying out, and it was very exiting to hear and see Helena’s perspective.

-Ricard Österstam