Live drawing by Jenny Soep

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25 Oct

We invited live drawing artist Jenny Soep to come work with us during our research session and following concert on October 25th. Jenny is a warm and friendly Scottish citizen now residing in Sweden, and her work shows great perceptiveness, intuitiveness and skill. She produced lots of art work during that one day and we are happy to show some of it below. For more of Jennys work, visit her Dropr page.

Revoid-WColour12.16.33 ReVoid Research 251016 Jenny Soep4 Anna12.39.49 ReVoid Research 251016 Jenny SoepKLAS NEVRIN - watercolour 251016 Jenny Soep coled l5 Audrey voice

12.50.28 ReVoid Research 251016 Jenny SoepVILHELM BROMANDER ii BnW by JSoep 251016RICARD - watercolour 251016 Jenny Soep coled lKLAS NEVRIN BnW by JSoep 251016


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