Oct. 30th, 2017


10/31/17 “12 Fri impro”


10/31/17 “13 Korta”


10/30/17 “09 Pulser i olika hastigheter (Pulsator)”


10/30/17 “04 Cogs + intraplay (Rotator, utdrag)”



Lab Days #7 – Black Box


The Black Box at the Royal College of Music has become our favourite spot for meeting with the research team. Great acoustics for electronics, drums as well as string instruments. We met up for a three-day session and were once again joined by Vilhelm Bromander, who’s becoming a steady member of our lab day set-up.


New ideas on poly-periodicity were discussed and proven useful and rather stayed with us, whether we made non-preformatted improvisations or used the concept to tweak some material in different specific ways.


Helen Papaioannou’s cog concept was revisited as were pulse-based relations and aggregated rhythmical sound.


We also did some reflective listening, this time using material from a year back, recorded at Khimaira, Annas concert/rehearsal spot at Nytorget. It tends to be productive sessions when we do that, with everyone trying to come up with ways of reflecting that can be useful, rather than the old and tired “this sounds good” or “that sounds bad”.

Category Polyperiodicity


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