Feb. 14th, 2017

Helen Papaioannou

Since the last session, Klas and Ricard had participated 15-17th November in “Unfolding the Process”, a symposium at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, organized by the Arne Nordheim Centre for Artistic Research (NordART). We presented our project, received important feedback, and got to hear some interesting presentations in artistic research. The day before the symposium we also met up with musician and researcher Ivar Grydeland – we had a nice time together, discussing and experimenting with improvisation!


Also, on the 18th January, the research team had presented the project during the “research days” at Stockholm University of Arts, which included a musical demonstration in the Black Box at School of Dance and Circus (DOCH) and important feedback from the audience within this cross-art setting.


Lab Days #4 – Stockholm University of Arts


In our attempt to bring new knowledge and inspiration to our project we now invited Helen Papaioannou from Bristol, UK, to join us for some joint research. Helen is a composer and saxophone player, and her alternative methods for strengthened rhythmic communication got us interested in hearing more from her. After walking us through some of her works and use of different methods we began trying one out for ourselves. This particular method is called “Cogs” (see bottom of this page) and consist of layered wheels of different sizes where each player/group of players moves around in independent speed. After working with these for some time we then proceeded with having some of our own ideas and methods interact with Helens’ and had some interesting experiences that we’ll be able to continue drawing from as our research continues. It was very nice having her visit, and we hope she had a good time too!


The next day Vilhelm Bromander gave his presentation and workshop on just intonation and interference tones. We got to try out some different concepts both vocally as well as on our instruments. It was relaxed and rewarding and it was very nice getting to spend all this time with Vilhelm, based as he is now in Berlin.


02/14/17 “08 R+Kl (seed-approach – independent changes in interpretation, repetitions, speed, etc.)”





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