Sept. 19th, 2016

Nested Claves and EAM

09/19/16 “03b Impro 3”


09/19/16 “02b Impro 2”


09/19/16 “09a Impro 6 (“Klaves”)



Lab Days #3 – Khimaira & EMS


Vilhelm Bromander joined the research team for our third Lab Days period, which offered a workshop by Ricard and a presentation by Katt. Ricard had the group try out “nested claves”, a way of playing, connecting and relating to different tempi and time signatures at the same time. We had a good time (!) and were inspired to develop the rhythmical aspects of our improvisations and compositions.


Next day Katt was up with a presentation of her electro-acoustic work and started out with a round-tour of EMS in Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, were we were also introduced to the beautiful piece of equipment above (Buchla)… We then installed ourself in the multi-speaker studio where we got to hear some of Katt’s own pieces, as well as some ground-breaking works in this field. The day was inspiring and led to new ideas about modular synthesis and how that might translate into our concept of “seed like” modules; different materials being layered and “wired” through each other to produce interesting musical results.


Below are Klas’s notes, bringing together many of the concepts we’ve been discussing so far in the project, as well as adding new ones, particularly designed in light of a developing modular approach.




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