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08 Oct

Time for a new duo session with Klas and I joining forces for a two-day session in the Black Box at KMH. I lost my Elektron Analog Rytm in a fire in April earlier this year and have decided to wait for the mkII that should be out in December, so for this session we had to settle for acoustic drums only. Klas on the other hand had his machines and software ready, and we happily threw ourselves into different loops, patterns and microtonal soundscapes.

In the first audio example we’re trying something we call “aggregate listening” where we consciously try to listen and react to the aggregate (combined, amalgamated) material instead of the details in either ones own or another player’s contributions.

The second audio are rhythms programmed in Mac software “Patterning” (Olympia Noise Co.) and Klas and I fluctuating between reductionist/disciplined and lavish/carefree approaches, sometimes in sync and sometimes in non-sync with each other.

-Ricard Österstam

171007 “03 GranularLP_aggregatelistening”
171007 “10 Patterning_reductioncarefree”



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