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12 Jan

We had the opportunity to visit the 5th Participatory Innovation Conference (PIN-C) on the 11-13th January 2018 at Mälardalen University, Sweden (MDH).

PIN-C is an interdisciplinary forum for innovation research. The trademark of the conference is that it brings together research disciplines that otherwise only seldom meet, in dedicated tracks throughout the conference. We got to hear and discuss some other presentations about creative group processing in corporate settings, before Klas made his presentation of our project (read the paper here). There was lively discussion and enthusiastic interest, an attitude we continued to enjoy later in the afternoon when making our joint presentation with live music and practical examples.

We introduced our “modular approach”, a way of bringing ideas and materials together in an open and rhizomatic system to be used in improvisation. For the first time we tried using a modular score for the presentation as a whole, with the aim of drawing the listeners into the process and thereby having a taste of what the modular approach might contribute in different kinds of collective processes.


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