Katt Hernandez


01 Apr

(b. 1974) Katt’s violin playing is focused primarily on freely improvised music, and her approach to the unaltered, acoustic violin draws extensively on multiphonics, harmonics and microtonality. Katt has been a prolific performer on the East Coast of the United States but moved to Stockholm in 2010 and quickly became involved in many new projects, including The Schematics, Fens, Yun Kan 10, Das Dingbat and many others. Katt has collaborated with a variated sea of improvisers, musicians, artists and dancers – including Joe Maneri, Joe Morris, Jonathan Vincent, Alyssa Cardone, Gordon Beeferman, Joel Grip, Evan Lipson, Walter Wright, David Stackenäs, John Berndt, Matt Samolis, Lisa Ullén, Gene Coleman, Saul Levine and Zack Fuller. In 2014 she earned a Masters degree in Electroacoustic Composition from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and is now pursuing a PhD in Artistic Research at Malmö Academy of Music. Website: http://katthernandez.com


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