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13 Jun

We’ve had our first “Lab Day”, which is when the research core (Klas, Anna, Katt and Ricard) get together and do practical work, experiments within different focus areas that will develop. The Lab Days will also be our opportunity to invite guests who’m we think might have relevant ideas or material to share with us.

We had read the presentation by Norwegian musicain Ivar Grydeland of his research project What I think about when I think about improvisation, and discussed it from the perspective of our own project. We also listened to music by some of Grydeland’s groups such as Huntsville and Dans les Arbres.

So far in the project Klas has been providing his thoughts and ideas about what might be constructive ways for our research, and so we decided that Anna, Katt and Ricard “speak up” through individual presentations during this and a following Lab Day. Anna volunteered to start and presented some of her methods for deconstructing an existing (often famous) material. She has been working with intertwined fragmented compositions and improvisation in the group Ensemble Makadam, and now we got the opportunity to play with Bach’s Chaconne through the same lines.


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