Lab days #4 – Helen Papaioannou and Vilhelm Bromander

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24 Feb

In our attempt to bring new knowledge and inspiration to our project we invited Helen Papaioannou from Bristol, UK, to join us for some joint research. Helen is a composer and saxophone player and her alternative methods for strengthened rhythmic communication got us interested in hearing more from her. After walking us through some of her works and use of different methods we began trying some of those methods out in our particular group. We then proceeded with having some of our own ideas and methods interact with Helens’ and had some interesting experiences that we’ll be able to continue drawing from as our research continues. It was very nice having her and hope she had a good time too! More about Helen and her work here:

The next day Vilhelm Bromander gave his presentation and workshop on just intonation and interference tones. We got to try out some different concepts both vocally as well as on our instruments. It was relaxed and rewarding and it was very nice getting to spend all this time with Vilhelm, based as he is now in Berlin.


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