Lab days #3 – Katt and Ricard

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19 Sep

Vilhelm Bromander joined research forces for our second Lab Days period, which offered a workshop by Ricard Österstam and a presentation by Katt Hernandez. Österstam had the group try out “nested claves”, a way of playing, connecting and relating to different tempi and time signatures at the same time. We had a good time (!) and were inspired to develop the rhythmical aspects of our improvisations and compositions.

 160919 “09a Impro 6 (“Klaves”)


 Next day Katt was up with a presentation of her electro-acoustic work and started out with a round-tour of EMS in Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, were we were also introduced to the beautiful piece of equipment below… We then installed ourself in the multi-speaker studio where we got to hear some of Katt’s own pieces, as well as some ground-breaking works in this field. The day was inspiring and led to new ideas about modular synthesis and how that might translate into our concept of “seed like” modules; different materials being layered and “wired” through each other to produce interesting musical results.



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