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28 Apr

It was time to make a first presentation of our project to the research community and public at Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola, SKH. We met in the morning to discuss the layout of the presentation, but unfortunately didn’t have time to play any music together. This we understand to be a very common challenge in many artistic research projects; to make proper room for the practical aspects of the research, and not getting too much caught up in reading, talking and mental experimentation. It was decided at our follow-up meeting the next day to see to it that there will be an inspiring balance of theory and practice in our team’s future get-togethers.

Ole Lützow-Holm, guest professor at SKH, moderated the seminar, and composer Kim Hedås was invited to respond to some initial ideas as delineated in a text by Klas. We found her critique to be valuable and clarifying, although in some cases outdated because of the project having evolved since Klas wrote his text. A reflection was made on our part that it is very inspiring when critique highlights and expands upon interesting and creative ideas in research, but that the prevailing modus operandi in academia is to come down at weaknesses and focusing on improvement, usually in form.

In our team meeting the day after the seminar we came up with the idea to arrange a number of “extended lab-days” in which we’ll invite guests to present their own thoughts on issues related to our project and work practically and musically with our Revoid Ensemble, or parts of it.


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